Did I even spell that right?

I’ve been looking at our pictures from Kauai in Hawaii (since they are such a contrast from looking out the window here)…and of course, since it’s the weekend and I have extra time to kill, I played around with them on Photoshop. These are fun to do, with all of the colors in them. So much different than the snow pictures I’ve been working on lately! I find that the “Saturated Slide Film Effect” makes them look the best. It gives the colors a deeper look. Here’s some that I did today. I have over 500 pictures from that vacation, so you’ll see more in the future!

Here’s one from the Na Pali coast. The view is from 5000 feet up. Amazing, huh? And this picture doesn’t even do it justice:

Saturated Slide Film Effect

This is the Kilauea Lighthouse:

Saturated Slide Film Effect, Made skies bluer, Small Border

This is a sunrise at the beach at our hotel:

Saturated Slide Film Effect, Made skies bluer, Adjusted saturation

I think they called this Secret Falls. We took kayaks down the Wailua River, then hiked a mile into the jungle. Fun!

Lomo Camera Effect

And something different…someone gave this pedestrian sign a little more character:

Pop Art effect


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