Foggy morning

Hi! So a month into the new year, I finally picked up my camera. I know, I said I was going to get back on track with my photography and blog, but frankly I’m sick of winter and just can’t seem to get myself out there to shoot any photos!

But today I’m home with a nasty chest cold, and when I woke up I saw it was still foggy outside and it was really pretty. So despite generally feeling like crap, I bundled up and went for a short drive. Probably wasn’t the best thing to do, but I couldn’t resist. I love foggy mornings. 🙂



Buffalo in the mist 🙂

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to get on here and wish everyone who follows me, as well as everyone who stumbles upon my blog, a very happy and healthy new year.

As for new year resolutions……I’ve got nothing. 🙂 Any suggestions?

I haven’t posted anything in a few months (I apologize for that), I had a very busy autumn and holiday season. Now that it’s all over, I’m hoping to get my groove back! (Maybe that can be my resolution!) I’m hoping to have the time again to go out and shoot some photos. I find myself in the middle just at the beginning a dreary winter here again, so I’ll have to get creative. Sometimes you can only photograph snow so much….

I did manage to do a couple of shoots – one of my brand new neice, and one of my sister with her boyfriend. I don’t have much experience at all doing portraits, but I am proud of some of these!

My sister Laura and her boyfriend Derek

This one is fun

And here’s a few of my new niece, Elizabeth. Who doesn’t love pictures of a beautiful baby??

Happy fall :)

Ok, I’ll admit it, I do like fall. I love the colors, the break from the crazy heat, bonfires and definitely pumpkin flavored everything! What I don’t like is what comes after fall! So we’re trying to enjoy the last bit of decent weather, especially this weekend with 80 degrees and lots of sun. 🙂 My husband and I went for a drive to look at the changing leaves and hit up a War of 1812 fall festival yesterday, and I got some great photos.

Love the gold color of the beans


Taken from the top of a reservoir, any time of year it's a cool view


With our "Indian Summer" going on, the wildflowers are blooming again


I don't know what kind of tree this is, but they are everywhere



Lots of this going on right now in Indiana


I like the bright yellow trees


This is kind of a brag photo - I'm kind of proud of this one 🙂 These are up at a little church in my town.

Look what I found…

I bought some old cameras from an antique dealer today and started researching them online. I found some basic info on each, but not much more. I’m definitely keeping them, but I also want to know how much they might be worth. If you know anything about these, please tell me! I’m curious.

The first 2 Brownie cameras I didn’t buy today, they were actually my great-grandmother’s that I acquired a few months ago. I just added a few to my small collection today.

Kodak No. 2 Model D Brownie.


Kodak No. 2 Model D Brownie…..I found some info here: If this is the correct info, then this model was first produced in 1914. Wow, that’s old. 🙂  Here’s the other one from my great-grandmother:

Kodak No.2 Model C Hawkeye Brownie


This is the handle of the one pictured above

I’m having some trouble finding the correct info on this one. I found this webpage about the No. 2 Model C Brownie:, but I don’t know if it’s the same one, since mine says Hawk-Eye on the handle. Is this a different model than the one on the website?

These I bought today.

No. 2A Model C Brownie


I found info on this No. 2A Model C Brownie here: I’m pretty confident this is the correct info for this camera, and it looks exactly the same as the photo on the website. According to the website, this was made anywhere from 1924-1936.

Though it doesn’t seem to be very rare or valuable, I think this Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic is pretty cool.

Kodak Hawkeye Instamatic R4

 I read about this one, and these were made from 1964-1971. I’d love to get my hands on a flashcube for it…

Here’s another Brownie

Baby Brownie Special

This one is kind of cute…from the 40’s.

So I would love to know more about these, but don’t know where else to look…

I need a vacation.

To somewhere warm and tropical. It’s getting colder here and I don’t think I’m ready for that, because before we know it, we’ll have a foot of snow on the ground!…Anyway, I’ll just look at old photos I took in Hawaii 3 years ago. 

Hanalei Valley in Hawaii


Waimea Canyon


Another one of Waimea Canyon


the Na Pali coast on Kauai



Kilauea Lighthouse





One of my favorites

My kiddos :)

I wanted to post some photos of my 2 dogs. I got a few good shots of them, which is really hard to do! And since I found some new Photoshop actions this week, I wanted to try them out. Love them!


Tinker - I can never get her to sit long enough to take a photo!


Maya - added a texture to a photo for the first time in Photoshop too!


Pretty girrrrrrl


Action called "Seventies" by


Spent a day at the Fort Wayne zoo with my sister this week….here are some of my favorite shots: 

Sleepy lion. On the other side of thick glass.


My favorite - the orangutans



HUGE giraffe!






This bird posed for me



Does this fish have buck teeth?



Jellyfish. I think?



This red panda was ADORABLE



Inside the Indonesian Rainforest (aka BIODOME!)



This little guy was cute. Just relaxing on a branch.



Another one of the orangutans. They're entertaining



One of the MANY peacocks walking around