Happy fall :)

Ok, I’ll admit it, I do like fall. I love the colors, the break from the crazy heat, bonfires and definitely pumpkin flavored everything! What I don’t like is what comes after fall! So we’re trying to enjoy the last bit of decent weather, especially this weekend with 80 degrees and lots of sun. 🙂 My husband and I went for a drive to look at the changing leaves and hit up a War of 1812 fall festival yesterday, and I got some great photos.

Love the gold color of the beans


Taken from the top of a reservoir, any time of year it's a cool view


With our "Indian Summer" going on, the wildflowers are blooming again


I don't know what kind of tree this is, but they are everywhere



Lots of this going on right now in Indiana


I like the bright yellow trees


This is kind of a brag photo - I'm kind of proud of this one 🙂 These are up at a little church in my town.



Some random photos.

Shadow of a large tulip tree


A Photoshop'ed sunrise


My mom used Peeps and chocolate chips to make her sunflower cake for Easter

More Trees Continued

Not sure why, but only half of the last post was published.

Here is another shot of my favorite tree. 🙂

Graphic Pen effect.

One looking upwards…

Made sky bluer, then Lomo effect.

Here’s a shot of the sky through branches…

Adjusted colors, then Fresco effect.

 And last but not least….I loved the way this tree looked when the sun was shining behind it….beautiful!

Made B&W, adjusted exposure, used Inner Ridge Border.

More trees

I know I’ve posted tree photos before, but I love trees! It sounds really corny, I’m aware of that, but they are great subjects to photograph. When it comes to trees, there are never 2 alike. Sometimes you may think, a tree is a tree, but when you really look at them and the details, they are intriguing. (InTREEguing) 🙂 And when I start to edit the photos, there are so many ways to make the photo look great.

I came across a tree last week, and when I took a picture of it, it seemed as though I caught it dancing. Too funny. Here are a few shots of it. Cool, huh?

Original, no edits

Torn Edges effect, then Sun Faded Photo.

Don’t let Mother Nature fool you, it’s still winter.

It reached 60 degrees today in northern Indiana. People drove with their windows down, I took an hour long walk, the foot of snow melted, and I’m sure some were out there with shorts on…but we just got spoiled for a day or 2. Don’t be fooled, winter will come back. And it will overstay its welcome even when spring officially arrives…so why not make the best of it?? I’ll admit, snow is beautiful, but there comes a time when you’re just ready for the temp to rise and the flowers to bloom!  But for now, here’s some more winter pictures. I think the last one is my favorite of these.

Overlooking a river


Old tree with Lomo effect


"Conte Crayon" effect


Blizzard, another Lomo effect


Trees have so much detail to them, and the are all so different, which is why they are great to photograph! (In my opinion…) Here’s some snowy trees with different effects done to them.

This one looks like a 60’s print…

Accented Edges

Plastic wrap makes it look like ice on the tree.

Plastic wrap feature

Stamp feature


I'm a fan of Lomo camera