Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to get on here and wish everyone who follows me, as well as everyone who stumbles upon my blog, a very happy and healthy new year.

As for new year resolutions……I’ve got nothing. 🙂 Any suggestions?

I haven’t posted anything in a few months (I apologize for that), I had a very busy autumn and holiday season. Now that it’s all over, I’m hoping to get my groove back! (Maybe that can be my resolution!) I’m hoping to have the time again to go out and shoot some photos. I find myself in the middle just at the beginning a dreary winter here again, so I’ll have to get creative. Sometimes you can only photograph snow so much….

I did manage to do a couple of shoots – one of my brand new neice, and one of my sister with her boyfriend. I don’t have much experience at all doing portraits, but I am proud of some of these!

My sister Laura and her boyfriend Derek

This one is fun

And here’s a few of my new niece, Elizabeth. Who doesn’t love pictures of a beautiful baby??


My husband

This is my husband, soulmate, and best friend, Jeremey.

B&W, High Contrast

Handsome, isn’t he? 🙂 At first, he didn’t really get why I spent so much money on a SLR camera, but now he’s very supportive of my new hobby. Everyone has their toys that they spend some money on! He drives me around sometimes so I can try to get some good shots, and helps me brainstorm other places we can go when it gets warmer. When we went hiking a couple weeks ago, he went down by a stream and took some photos. Here’s the best one, I think it’s a great shot! I jazzed it up a little on Photoshop, of course, but even without the jazzing, it was a good photo.

This was taken by Jeremey:

Saturated Slide Film effect, Softened focus

 I didn’t do anything to the water, but it’s so pretty it almost looks fake. Great picture Jeremey!

And for kicks (get it?), just wanted to add one more. We saw these in Upland I think. You don’t see this very often any more…I like it.  Are those Nikes?!

Lomo Effect

Shoutout to my sister :)

My younger sister Laura and I are alike in a lot of ways. Even though we are 7 years apart, we share a lot of the same interests….such as music, sports teams, even school subjects, and most of all photography. She has that same passion for photography as I do. She got a Cannon Rebel when she graduated high school and has been taking fantastic pictures ever since.

I wanted to share with you some shots she got last month of our cousin Olivia. I think these are amazing. I love the way she edited them too…she has Photoshop CS. Whatever she did to make Olivia’s eyes look that beautiful…I want to know how to do that! So enjoy, and give her kudos for these awesome pictures!

P.S. Olivia, you should really be a model. 🙂

Again, these photos are by my sister Laura, not me.

Yes….we are Cheeseheads

In my family, we love our Green Bay Packers….and that means we REALLY enjoyed the Super Bowl this year! So I’m still celebrating. My adorable nephew had his new Hawk jersey on for the game and I had to get some pictures. Since every member of the immediate family had their jersey on, he fit right in.

My dad has this singing, dancing Packer player that, when you push the button, it plays that annoying “Are you ready for some football” song… it’s fun for a while but you have to shut it off to keep your sanity! My nephew took a liking to the “Packerman” and I’m glad I was sitting right there to get some photos.

For some reason, he thought it was funny and kept laughing at it.

Lomo effect (again)


Colorful Center effect


He made a new friend that night…as you can see….