Foggy morning

Hi! So a month into the new year, I finally picked up my camera. I know, I said I was going to get back on track with my photography and blog, but frankly I’m sick of winter and just can’t seem to get myself out there to shoot any photos!

But today I’m home with a nasty chest cold, and when I woke up I saw it was still foggy outside and it was really pretty. So despite generally feeling like crap, I bundled up and went for a short drive. Probably wasn’t the best thing to do, but I couldn’t resist. I love foggy mornings. 🙂



Buffalo in the mist 🙂


My kiddos :)

I wanted to post some photos of my 2 dogs. I got a few good shots of them, which is really hard to do! And since I found some new Photoshop actions this week, I wanted to try them out. Love them!


Tinker - I can never get her to sit long enough to take a photo!


Maya - added a texture to a photo for the first time in Photoshop too!


Pretty girrrrrrl


Action called "Seventies" by


Spent a day at the Fort Wayne zoo with my sister this week….here are some of my favorite shots: 

Sleepy lion. On the other side of thick glass.


My favorite - the orangutans



HUGE giraffe!






This bird posed for me



Does this fish have buck teeth?



Jellyfish. I think?



This red panda was ADORABLE



Inside the Indonesian Rainforest (aka BIODOME!)



This little guy was cute. Just relaxing on a branch.



Another one of the orangutans. They're entertaining



One of the MANY peacocks walking around


Random thoughts

“The ground beneath is nothing more than one point of view”

That lyric comes to mind when I look at this picture. (Can you name the song?)

Spring is here, and that means flip-flops. 🙂

And there’s something in the spring air that makes my dogs goofy.

Dont know why she insisted on laying like this for 10 minutes...

Its not quite warm enough yet for her summer haircut.

I hope I’m not boring you with more pictures of my dogs. It needs to get nicer outside so I can get out and take photos of something other than them…

Happy Spring!

Got outside yesterday to enjoy the beautiful weather and noticed the plants that are coming up. I like watching flowers come up in the spring, and since I never remember whats buried there or what color they were, it’s a surprise when they bloom. I got some shots of the lillies and other plants around my house.

f/7.1 speed 1/200 ISO 100 55mm

f/7.1 speed 1/200 ISO 100 55mm

f/5.6 speed 1/60 ISO 400 55mm

 We started a little bit of spring cleaning, and that meant for the dogs too. 🙂 They got new collars and Tinker got her summer haircut. She was showing off her new digs.

f/6.3 speed 1/320 ISO100 18mm

f/5.6 speed 1/125 ISO 320 55mm

f/5.6 speed 1/125 ISO 140 55mm

Hope your week ahead is pain-free and goes quickly so we can enjoy another beautiful spring weekend 🙂

My dogs

My husband and I have 2 dogs, Maya – a lab and Tinker – a cockapoo (we think). Here are a few of my favorite shots of them. It’s hard to get a good photo of Tinker because she’s small and therefore energetic. But the first picture I took with my new camera turned out to be the best one of her.


A couple shots of Maya:



In this one, they are looking out the front door and watching the squirrels. They will do this for hours on end….kind of funny.

Maya & Tinker

Don’t let Mother Nature fool you, it’s still winter.

It reached 60 degrees today in northern Indiana. People drove with their windows down, I took an hour long walk, the foot of snow melted, and I’m sure some were out there with shorts on…but we just got spoiled for a day or 2. Don’t be fooled, winter will come back. And it will overstay its welcome even when spring officially arrives…so why not make the best of it?? I’ll admit, snow is beautiful, but there comes a time when you’re just ready for the temp to rise and the flowers to bloom!  But for now, here’s some more winter pictures. I think the last one is my favorite of these.

Overlooking a river


Old tree with Lomo effect


"Conte Crayon" effect


Blizzard, another Lomo effect

Hello world!

Ok this is my very first blog entry…ever. So bear with me!

I’ve been interested in photography for a looooooooong time. I love taking pictures and recently bought myself a Nikon DSLR. It’s my first SLR camera and I’m slowly learning all the bells and whistles. There is so much to learn! I also recently got Photoshop and, just like my camera, it has so much on it that I find something new on it every time I use it.

My husband Jeremey drove me around today so I could take some photos of our “blizzard” and while I was getting some shots he suggested I start a blog to post some of my pictures. I never thought about doing anything like that, but it is a good idea so here I am!

I should let you know, the only photography classes I’ve taken were back in high school. I majored in photography at Ball State (in the art dept) but wouldn’t have been able to take an actual photography class until my second or third year. I transferred to another college and changed my major before that happened… here I am. Teaching myself! So this is a big reason why I wanted to do something like this so I could have others (you) give me advice and such. It’s all a big learning process.

I love everything about photography, from finding the right snapshot to editing it on Photoshop. I love looking at others’ photos. My passion is landscapes/outdoors/nature. I would love to start photographing kids, there’s never a bad picture of a child.

So here’s my new blog, I’m open to suggestions and constructive criticism. Thanks for checking it out!

All of my pictures are taken with a Nikon D3100 SLR (unless I use an older photo taken with my point-and-shoot) and edited on Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. Here’s a couple shots from Snowpocolypse 2011:

auto-enhanced brightness and contrast

auto-enhanced colors