Our young garden

My first cherry tomato

Tomatoes (I'm thinking salsa in a couple months)

Bloom on a bell pepper plant


First beefsteak tomato


8 thoughts on “Our young garden

  1. I’ve been wanting to do a vege patch for ages, you’ve inspired me to get going on it! The idea of growing my own salsa doesn’t hurt either 🙂

    • It’s fun growing a garden – watching it grow from a tiny seed into a big plant. And there’s nothing better than a yummy tomato or fresh green beans right out of your own garden!

  2. Your images are beautiful. Nice job! You should send some to Heather at Markus Rae photography…check out the contest she has going for photographers. I sent her 2 pics, but your landscape and nature photography is awesome!

    • Thanks Jessica, that’s nice of you! I’ll take a look at her website. I’m a fan of Markus Rae on Facebook and I love looking at her work.

  3. I enjoyed your photos Becca. Do you use photoshop really often to augment your photos, or do you enjoy keeping your photos relatively untouched? I don’t have photoshop so editing heavily is never an option for me.

    • Thanks! I do use Photoshop often, I try not to edit them too much but sometimes I like getting artistic. But for most of my pictures I at least touch up the colors, bring them out a little more. And sometimes I will lighten up a photo or add more contrast. Photoshop is fun…you should try it out!

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