Old-Fashioned Look

I’ve been exploring the “Old Fashioned Photo” and the Sepia tint effects on Photoshop, and I think the Old Fashioned Photo gives it more character. First, there are more options when you use this instead of just making it sepia and you have more control over the tint and saturation.

I also just found some borders…after having Photoshop for 2 months I’m still finding things! I found a border I really like to use with the old fashioned look called “Small Noisy Border.” (I find the name of it funny) It just gives the photo a little more character. I found an old hay wagon (I think that’s what it is) along the side of the road today and beside it an old basketball goal. When I took a couple photos of them I had in my mind how I wanted them to look, and with this setting they turned out perfect.

The first one I used the Old Fashioned Photo, the second I used Sepia tint. I’m happy with these photos!

Old Fashioned Photo, Small Noisy Border


Sepia Tint, Small Noisy Border


This last photo, I used an effect called Sun Faded Photo. Similar to the previous 2 looks, I really like this!

Sun Faded Photo, Small Noisy Border


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