Old trucks = great photo opportunity.

My husband and I were driving out in the country today, with the purpose of my getting some shots because it’s a beautiful day! Even though there is still a foot of snow on the ground, the temp was 46 degrees before we left home. So we couldn’t pass up a chance to go out to a state park and go on a small hike and just get out of the house.

While we were out in the middle of nowhere, we passed a couple old trucks sitting in a field and we thought they were pretty cool…so after finding a place to park and trekking through a foot of snow we made it to the trucks. Haha…the things I do to get a cool photograph! This is the first time I’ve taken pictures of something like an old truck.

I’m playing around with the pictures trying to see what Photoshop effects would look best…and I think the Lomo Camera makes it look old-fashioned. I also tried sepia…classic.

(P.S. I’m just a little annoyed that my pictures are out of proportion…they are tall…hmm?)


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