Yes….we are Cheeseheads

In my family, we love our Green Bay Packers….and that means we REALLY enjoyed the Super Bowl this year! So I’m still celebrating. My adorable nephew had his new Hawk jersey on for the game and I had to get some pictures. Since every member of the immediate family had their jersey on, he fit right in.

My dad has this singing, dancing Packer player that, when you push the button, it plays that annoying “Are you ready for some football” song… it’s fun for a while but you have to shut it off to keep your sanity! My nephew took a liking to the “Packerman” and I’m glad I was sitting right there to get some photos.

For some reason, he thought it was funny and kept laughing at it.

Lomo effect (again)


Colorful Center effect


He made a new friend that night…as you can see….


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